m0cxx0r on Windows

Mon 27 October 2008 by Jim Purbrick

In order for m0cxx0r to be useful for writing tests at Linden Lab, it needs to work on all of the platforms that we target with C++ applications, so today I tried building and running m0cxx0r on Windows.

Initially it looked good: m0cxx0r built in the default Visual Studio Debug configuration, but then crashed on construction of Mock objects due to accessing unitialised memory. This was relatively easy to fix, just requiring a call to memset to zero out the memory that would become the m0cxx0r::Mock object.

The next problem was harder to fix. One of the hacks at the core of m0cxx0r is pointing the mock object’s vptr at a donor vtable populated with methods that record calls to the methods. The problem is that the signatures of the original and replacement methods may not match, so multiple parameters may be passed to a method expecting a single parameter. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as the caller manages the stack unwinding: the caller just pushes parameters on to the stack which are ignored and then popped the back off again.

Although m0cxx0r just worked when compiled with GCC on darwin, the run time checks performed in Debug by Visual Studio caught the stack pointer mismatch and stopped execution. In Release the situation was even worse: the tests just crashed out without error. Luckily after some poking around I was able to turn of the stack pointer run time check in Debug and after some trial and error I found that disabling optimisations in the Release configuration with the default __cdecl calling convention allowed the tests to run without error in Release.

With these property changes made, m0cxx0r built and ran it’s tests fine in Visual Studio 2005 on Windows. Get the Visual Studio 2005 project and solution files along with the m0cxx0r code from Google Code.


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