100 robots vs 100 geeks

Sat 05 September 2009 by Jim Purbrick

We’ve just about finished setting up the 100 robots gear at BarCamp Brighton 4 in a derelict building that’s going to make the gig feel like an illegal rave. If you’re at BarCamp please come downstairs to hear us sing songs about the surveilance state, Twitter and the Iran election, gene therapy cures for aids, world of Warcraft love affairs and lots more at 8:15 this evening. If you can’t make it we’re also playing at the Prince Albert on Trafalgar street in Brighton at 8 PM on the 24th of October and if you can’t make it to either you can watch the videos from the Dance of the Dead zombie prom which are now on YouTube. You can also listen to and download some of our tracks for free from last.fm or myspace and add yourself as a fan to the facebook page.


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