4 Robot Attacks!

Sat 21 November 2009 by Jim Purbrick

Incredibly, 100 robots have 4 gigs lined up in the next 3 weeks: tomorrow we’re playing at an electro/rock night at The Freebutt with Bang Bang Eche, Son of Robot and labasheeda, then next Thursday we’re playing at a more hip hop themed night at The Hope with Tactical Thinking and L-Mo. On the 2nd of December we’re playing at the music hack themed £5 App Christmas Special, where I’ll also be giving a talk about my open source guitar mounted iPhone multitouch Mrmr/LiveAPI/OSC wireless Ableton Live interface and then using it to play live. Finally on the 11th of December we’re playing at the Linden Lab Brighton Christmas party along with the other real rock band that formed from the remnants of the all conquering Linden Lab Brighton virtual Rock Band.

Whew. It’s going to be a busy few weeks. If you can come to any of the gigs, please do. It’s going to be fun: we’ll be playing brand new songs including our first excursion in to Rock/Dubstep and trying out new ways of performing. If all the gigs weren’t in Brighton I’d call it a tour…


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