The Brighton Digital Festival continued this weekend with BarCamp Brighton 6 which was super interesting and lots of fun as always.

I was a bit worried that my Terra Nova style talk on the philosophy of games, virtual worlds and magic circles would be too esoteric, but the room was packed and the talk generated some great discussion.

A video of the talk is now available at The Internet Archive thanks to @stevepurkiss and the slides are available on SlideShare. Thanks to everyone who came along to my talk and BarCamp and to @jaygooby and @profaniti for organising a wonderful event.

Another Age Must Be The Judge

Wed 29 September 2010 by Jim Purbrick

Babbage Linden

Almost exactly 6 years ago, the incredible Cory Ondrejka and I met for the first time in real life (having previously blogged together on Terra Nova) at the Austin Game Conference 2004, where we got on like a house on fire. Several months later I joined Linden Lab and (as ...

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