Wed 09 January 2013 by Jim Purbrick

cc image by vdu, j4mie

One of the things I’ve been tinkering with since leaving Linden Lab is Creatarr: a creative, collaborative social game. Creatarr’s goal is to bring some of the magical collaborative creation found in Second Life to a wider audience and to push creativity in social games and the web beyond virtual farming and impact text on animal pictures.

I quickly got busy building the CREST API for CCP and I’m likely to have even less free time when I start my new gig, but Facebook are happy for me to continue to tinker with Creatarr and I like shipping code, so I’ve decided to make Creatarr public and run it for as long as people are playing. There are plenty of rough edges, but there are also some neat ideas and plenty of fun to be had, so head over to and dive in.

Thanks to @mrkemeny, Irene Soler, Chris James, @yandle and @profaniti for helping to build Creatarr.

The JavaScript Jungle

Mon 03 October 2011 by Jim Purbrick

There was a slide in the early talks that Cory Ondrejka used to give about Second Life about alien abductions in Second Life. One of the most exciting moments in Second Life for the early Lindens was when a resident constructed a UFO and flew around the world abducting other …

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