Dance Of The Dead Flyer

I may not have blogged much recently, but I’ve been hard at work writing new songs about the financial meltdown, the surveilance state, gene therapy cures for hiv, anger and guilt for the new band I’ve put together with Max Williams and Aleks Krotoski: 100 Robots. We’ll be performing the new songs along with rock/dance/electronic versions of Thriller and Re: Your Brains among others to 200 zombies at Dance Of The Dead: a charity zombie prom in London in aid of St Mungos on April 4th. If you’d like to come along, dance, rock, shamble and groan tickets are available here. I’m always happy to dress up as a zombie, throw in playing music and supporting a band called the The Tits Of Death and it’s clear that this is going to be the best gig ever!